Specializing in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and other integrative therapies


Elizabeth Foley, Fabienne Girard‑Bériault and Caminee Blake

We wanted to work with fellow colleagues whose work we know and appreciate. At the Resilience Clinic, we share the spirit of wanting to work in a style that is collaborative, person‑centered and authentic.

The strength of our team is that we are experienced working with the full range of psychological struggles and problems given that we have been professionals working in a hospital setting for the majority of our careers.

Our vision for the Resilience Clinic is to bring our combined expertise, personal determination and good humour to make an environment that is both peaceful and fun, safe and lighthearted even though the subjects we are tackling may be intense. A space where resilience, strength and optimism can combine to overcome all the obstacles that life inevitably throws at us — a place where our humanity is not only acknowledged but celebrated.